What is Gliding?

Gliding is the sport of flying unpowered fixed wing aircraft. Aircraft are towed into the sky behind a powered tug aircraft and released before using naturally rising air currents to gracefully stay aloft, on good days indefinitely, with nothing but the whooshing sound of air flowing past the aircraft. On every flight the pilot is challenged to fly in rising air and avoid that which is descending, sometimes with the ambition to flying long distances cross country.

Summarising Quote

"Enhance your CV and achieve something extra with your time at Queen's by going solo with our club" Thomas Cummings [President] Gliders

Become a Pilot

Our members are students who have an interest in flying but perhaps do not want to spend the large amounts of money required for powered flying. Gliding offers the opportunity of long flying times at a fraction of the powered cost, though we would also argue that it is both more fun and more rewarding. Whether you just want to experience a single flight to see what it is like to fly or you want train to expert standard, then the QUB Gliding Club can cater for you. Rayban